THIS YEAR, setting up a Walk/Run team will be easier than ever!

There are still 5 CAH Awareness Walks for 2017! Find a Walk/Run to join and fundraise by putting together a team of walkers/runners and inviting people to create their own teams or donate on your behalf. These Walk/Runs are an important part of our fundraising and awareness-raising efforts each year. We are so proud that our Walk/Runs are growing in popularity because this means we are reaching more and more people with every step!

What makes a Walk/Run successful, is getting the word out to the largest number of people possible. This works when all Walkers/Runners become Fund-Raisers who create their own teams or join teams and then set up their own fund-raising pages. This is simple and we've created a step-by-step guide to help you get up and running. Once up, you send out a link to your page via social media or email and ask each of them to send to every one they know and then...., etc, etc. This is how we spread the word and RAISE AWARENESS! Your message will always include your personal plea, your story and you will always encourage others to participate and/or fundraise as well. Along the way, people are signing up to attend the Walk/Run and donating because of you AND/OR your team's efforts.

Every Walker/Runner must also be a Fund-raiser who will create a login and password for the CARES Community Portal. (Walker/Runner = adult member of a household attending the chosen Walk/Run; the adult registering will then have a household account that could include other adult household members as well as any minors in the household)

     The portal will enable you to participate in everything CARES-related like event registrations/tickets, donations, correspondence, conference info, etc. You can also register members of your household, like your spouse or partner, relatives, as well as kids (especially those children with CAH!) so that we know how to help you as a CAH community member. 

TO GET STARTED, CLICK ON THE WALK OR WALK/RUNS THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO PARTICIPATE IN.  (Yes, you can join more than one!) Once on the indivdual Walk/Run page, we will direct you where to go next!


6th Annual No. NEW JERSEY WALK/RUN, SEPT. 23, 2017   4th Annual CALIFORNIA WALK/RUN, OCT. 1, 2017  

2nd Annual PENNSYLVANIA WALK/RUN, OCT. 7, 2017    2nd Annual MASSACHUSETTS WALK/RUN, OCT. 22, 2017       

3rd Annual So. NEW JERSEY WALK/RUN , OCT. 28, 2017